Art In Brighton

Devised by a disgruntled art lover in 2015, Art In Brighton is a guide to the visual arts in Brighton.

Designed to be a signpost for visitors to Brighton interested in Art, Art In Brighton is to show that artwork is for everyone, and anyone can understand it.

Though the reviews will be objective, all personal views are purely the reviewers own, and designed to be critical analysis and personal preference.

There is a page for each gallery in Brighton, which is updated regularly with event and exhibition updates. Alongside there is a blog which will hold reviews, interviews with artists and any news which people might find interesting.

Featuring on the website is absolutely free, and any events, artists or exhibitions features or listings can be submitted via the "submissions" tab or you can email chris@artinbrighton.co.uk for details.

If you are interested in writing for Art In Brighton, please email chris@artinbrighton.co.uk as well.

Peace and love to you all,