The Great Escape Special on 1 Brighton FM

We love our music too and as part of our upcoming coverage at The Great Escape Festival, our very own creator Chris has taken it upon himself to create a 3 hour Great Escape Special show for you.

Broadcast live on 101.4FM on Tuesday from 9pm Christopher Spring (usually on PRBH Radio) will be taking you through a musical extravaganza of his picks of the festival, guides to getting round, advice for those going for the first time as well as exclusive interviews with Brighton favourites Kudu Blue and Yonaka (recently played on Radio 1 and playing Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2016).

He will also be talking to Adam Naas who voice has been described as “…vulnerable yet seductive about his vocals, it makes him one of France’s most on the rise artists”; Fil Bo Riva a German band whose “… music creates an atmosphere of angst and uncertainty. To be able to convey such dejection is astounding; this effect is ‘the result of a twisted mind and a beating loving heart’ he explains.”

Finally, Aidan from Leeds-based metal/rock band “Weirds” about their debut album SwarmCulture, their upcoming headline tours.

It is a show Chris has, in his own words: “Spent the last week obsessing over, to a point where my family has restricted me to headphones on my computer due to the excessive noise, woops, cheers and occasional swear word emanating from his study.”

But that’s not all! Monday from 11am PRBH Radio have a special live session with “The Alternative Escape at Café Plenty”. Including musicians such as Ellie Ford, Michael Baker and Nicholas Williams, you will hear an exclusive insight into some of the best Brighton based musicians playing outside of The Great Escape.

1 Brighton FM also have the Ferns coming in for a live session on Tuesday from 2pm on Mick Robinson's show.

So, make sure you’re tuned in to 1 Brighton FM on Monday from 11am and Tuesday from 9pm on, DAB+ and 101.4FM to hear the best in this year’s Great Escape.