Nicolas and the Saints - Album Launch and new video

Nicolas and the Saints, a Brighton/Vienna/London band whose music I simply adore, have just released a new video created by Ithaca Audio.

Ithaca Audio is the phenomenal company which created "storm" in the Pop Up Brighton show in the police cells last year.

Nicolas and the Saints is a band whose sound is incredibly difficult to pin down. To quote their own press release: Expect volleys of rap over infinite feedback delay, smokey bar ballads and half-time punk. A sprawling diaspora of jazz, blues, hip-hop and rock set to literary lyrics and a Waitsian growl, occasionally softened to a tone described as "molasses over hot coals" (1BrightonFM).

Their new album "Goodbye to Brighton" is a refreshingly honest look at his own life mid-depression, as much as a farewell to the city Nick Lewis called home for 11 years. With the album recorded in a matter of days in Wood Green, the result is sure to divide audiences between those that adore it and those that loath it. But like all good things that cause division: it'll certainly stick in the mind.

Watch their new video below and catch them live at their various album releases in Brighton and London soon::