Ear Trumpet

Sat 16 and Sun 17 May 2015.

I realise this is an art blog - but I thought these guys use of sound was a tremendous use of Relational Aesthetics and really comes into both Theatre and Art.

Gobbledegook Theatre have put into action a hugely entertaining and intelligent idea. What if the floor we stood on sang?

The audience is introduced to an area cordoned off by the fictional National Institute for Sonic Geology. Participants are invited in to the steampunk themed “dig” and enlisted to help the institute listen to the ground with adapted Euphoniums and the basic technique of “Sweep, Plant and Linger”. This talk feels authentic and uses a scientific tone to create a suspension of disbelief and allows the audience to relax and enjoy the moment, rather than worry about looking too silly.

One is left to wander and listen and witness these “sonic eruptions” emanating from the ground. These range from lovely sounds of birdsong and snores, to piano and orchestral instrumentals. It was a cathartic and gratifying experience, especially if you discover an area not “logged” already by the “scientists”. You are then invited to plant a flag for others to enjoy.

It was a massively popular exhibition and piqued interests as passers-by wondered what these people were doing with horns and listening to the ground.

One couldn’t help but feel a sense of child-like excitement and wonder during and after the piece. A great experience for all ages.