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Air Play

Seth Bloom and Christina Gelsone

'A joy from start to finish, Air Play will entrance children and act as a great reset button for stressed adults.’ Sydney Morning Herald

This Christmas, enter a world of flying umbrellas, giant kites floating over the audience, and the biggest snow globe you’ve ever seen.

Air Play brings to life the very air we breathe, weaving together breathtaking circus, comedy and dazzling scenic effects for a family show that captures both the wonder and the excitement of the season.

Two siblings set out on an unforgettable adventure in which the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary, and air, wind and space become agents of astonishment. In epic set-pieces of uncommon beauty, fabrics dance in the wind, balloons have a mind of their own, and confetti turns into the night sky. Through it all, laugh-out-loud comedy is never far away.

With visual images seemingly sewn from the sky, this poetic ode to childhood will enchant and electrify both the young and the young-at-heart. So come ride the wind and see your wildest dreams take flight.

‘Air Play holds the whole audience in the palm of its outstretched hand’ British Theatre Guide