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Heraldry: A group show by Art Schism

  • Art Schism 87 Gloucester Rd Brighton, BN1 4AP United Kingdom (map)

Heraldry is the tradition, usually associated with medieval knights and noblemen of creating a coat of arms that were traditionally used to identify significant people. In an age when the mass media wasn’t available, people struggled to recognise figureheads by their physical appearance.

Everyone has the image of the knight in shining armour riding into battle to kick arse; their sigil was the basic way for others to identify who they were fighting for. Out of battle it had the added advantage of attributing their family characteristics, with the content of the sigil heavy with tradition and symbolism.

The idea of the “brand” is the contemporary answer to the coat of arms. Today companies use a snappy image that will engrain their dogma into our consciousness. In this world of mass media and centralized government, the images used are often more advanced and outreaching but the principle is much the same.

Our artists have been working hard to create their own sigil, and these will be on display throughout May. We have a wide range of responses from the beautifully surreal to the downright detailed for you to enjoy.

On Friday, 1st May, we will host a late opening, all are invited to attend and meet our artists.  It would be great to see as many people as possible.

On Monday, 4th May from 2 – 5pm, we are throwing open our doors to the public to come and create their own coat of arms and see the show. Our artists will be there to give advice and lend a hand.

Fare thee well, see you on the morrow!

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Marcus Coates