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The B-12 Module

  • Gallery 40 40 Gloucester Rd Brighton, BN1 4AQ United Kingdom (map)

The B-12 Module was created as a response to the vague memory of a written concept in a 1950’s Science Fiction short story about an Expedition to Pluto.

Although the story was an influential starting point the work has been developed as an interpretation, which also highlights a very personal fascination of the wonderment of the universe and potential deep space exploration.

The Exhibition is a retrospective vision of the distant future in which the desire to explore distant planets and objects in space is both prevalent and necessary in discovering alternative resources that will fuel human kind.

The B-12 module is a conceptual design for a fictional research and scientific vessel that will travel to Pluto.  With abstract imagery the work represents the mechanical and engineering marvel of such a vision but also the majestic and silent serenity of reaching the distant Pluto and the strange sensation of being far from home.

The pieces are relics and fragments of a world not familiar that have been made over several months to create a sense of well travelled technological diagrams and photographic plates.  Careful consideration has been given to the use of colour and texture that highlight the inspirational time period of the 1950s.  The exhibition is built up of mixed media paintings, prints and collages being created with the build up of layers to give an exciting sense of discovery and a unique uncontrollable aspect to the final compositions.

The B-12 Module
18-31 May 2015

Gallery 40
40 Gloucester Road

Open Daily: 11-6pm