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"Seven Monsters" by Roland Scrivers - Solo exhibition at Corridor Gallery

  • Corridor Gallery 28 York Place, Brighton BN1 4GU (map)

Corridor Gallery welcomes the unique vision of Artist & Illustrator Roland Scriver and his “Seven Monsters”.

Inspired by Folklore from around the world, spanning centuries of storytelling “Seven Monsters” features a menagerie of Cryptids, a glorious bestiary of legendary, mythological creatures - brought to life by the hand of Roland Scriver. 

Roland Scriver, a talented Artist, Illustrator and Musician produced his first exhibition at Corridor Gallery to show an exciting collection of new original drawings and stunning prints, shown for the first time in Brighton! 

“Seven Monsters” is inspired by Roland’s passion for fables, folklore and mythology, which have influenced his Art and inhabited his imagination since childhood.

Corridor Gallery's latest exhibition will explore Roland Scriver's interpretations of these monsters and offer insights into the context behind their creation and the roots of the stories themselves. 

“Cryptids” are imagined or fabled creatures who’s existence cannot be proven. Roland has collected some of his favourite descriptions of these intriguing beasts and created a wonderful collection of mysterious, often grotesque creatures. 

Roland applies his distinctive aesthetic to carefully interpret source materials from diverse cultures and folklore including Japan, Europe and America using brief descriptions, often passed down through oral tradition.

Each of the “Seven Monsters” on show has been created in careful stages, blending traditional draughtsmanship skills and digital technology to add colour and to subtly manipulate each drawing. 

This thoughtful, process of creation and clear personal passion for expressing and visualising folk legends is present in every drawing. This series of fantastical creatures include The Jersey Devil, a Storsjöodjuret and a Snallygaster!

Roland Scriver has worked as an illustrator for many years, recently re-titling himself: Familiar Ink. Roland's distinctive style, has been combined love of music in the form of some fantastic artwork, created for various cult metal bands from Poseidon to the Melvins and producing album sleeves for record labels including Exile on Mainstream. 

Roland Scriver is a well-known figure within the Doom Metal sub-culture not only as an Artist, but also as a Musician, showcasing his other creative outlet as an accomplished guitarist in bands including Serpent Venom, End of Level Boss and Sloth.