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An Interview with Brighton's latest national artistic starlet: Sarah Shaw

Featured in Aesthetica Magazine, selected for the Lacey Contemporary Gallery prize, Art Gemini Prize selection, a solo exhibition at Ink_d, selected for National Open Art Competition and selected to be front cover for the upcoming album from Daughter. Sarah Shaw has had one incredible 2015. Art in Brighton speaks to Brighton’s latest artistic starlet about her latest work and other things.

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Shamanism and Humanity's disconnection from Nature - a preview of "Kaiku" by Milla Koivisto

Milla Koivisto’s new project is designed to culminate in an exhibition entitled Suomi 100 (Finland 100) celebrating 100 years of Finnish independence in 2017. The first part of her series of short films, illustrations and other pieces are being predicated by her new book entitled “Kaiku”.

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Street Art in Brighton: A Documentary. Part 1: Aroe

This is the first in a three part documentary about street art in Brighton. We were both fascinated by the different facets of the Street Art scene in Brighton and have seeked to reflect this in our documentary. Throughout the series we will be looking at different artists and their styles, methodologies and ideas behind their own work.

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A conversation with the creators of Corridor Gallery

As you may or may not have known, One Eyed Jack's, the small photography gallery down in York Place has shut. Never fear though, upon my travels and travails I popped my head into the brand new Corridor Gallery, brain child of the cooperative Diversis Artibus.

So, I thought I would find a bit more about this wonderful gallery and had an interview (and amazing cake) with the creators of the gallery: Barnaby Simpson, Emma Clear (I.e. baking goddess), Lucy Kenward and Aaron Howdle.

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