[Oh for the] Love at Brush Brighton - Exhibition Review

“Love” at Brush, Brighton - a review by Victoria Crick

With the indulgence of Christmas a distant memory and the stark contrast of an abstinate January for many behind us, February is officially the month of love.

Brush is a unique concept, even for Brighton, a hairdressers with an art exhibition space. This venture sprung from spouses Hizze and JoJo's jobs of production and hairdressing respectively, and has proved to be an unusual but successful partnership. Hizze’s contacts from her previous job have stood her in good stead for being able to host and run a local, and clearly successful, exhibition space. JoJo's long standing clients embrace their brainchild to enable her love of hair to thrive in what can only be described as a one of a kind space.

When I arrived at Brush, the lady “in the chair” had walked in wanting a haircut and left with a gorgeous new piece of artwork. Apparently, this is not unusual, and I rather like the idea of being pampered whilst being able to appreciate artwork in a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

The “Love” exhibition showcases local Brighton artists and their interpretation of love in all its glorious forms; affection, lust, devotion and passion to name a few. This exhibition is small but comprises an eclectic mix of original art, prints, sculpture and cards. The pieces range from simple but beautiful pen and ink drawings (Kate Shields), to a pop art inspired layered cupid print (Dave Pop), and a selection of intimate oil on linen paintings (Mel Evans) and, of course, everything inbetween.

I was fascinated at the different styles and mediums used to portray the theme of love throughout the exhibition; from soft and flowing brush strokes in oil to sharp, graphics inspired clinical ink lines. The selection of pieces also demonstrate different types of love; dark and underground on the one hand to soft and sensual on the other.

The space itself is unusual and intimate, and because of this could be intimidating to some. But once you get past the initial surprise of there being an exhibition space in a hairdressers the experience itself proves to be enjoyable and relaxing.

I myself fell in love with Love. The combination of knowing the artists are local and the friendly surroundings make for a casual but enjoyable viewing experience. The pieces are clearly marked up and because there are no large gallery commission costs this exhibition space makes it affordable to own local art that you, well, love.