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Anatomy for Life @ Jubilee Library

Until the industrial revolution it was an honour for people to be known as a “renaissance man” – that is someone who is a scientist, artist and author. Leonardo Da Vinci was one, the other that springs to mind is the romantic works of William Blake who created art, poetry, also fascinated by nature and science.

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Design Fair, Brighton @ The Dorset Pub

The Dorset Pub. Not usually a venue which I associate with the art scene in Brighton. The creativity usually associated with the food and drink there, and the creative ways you can incubate a hangover. However, this week Smoke + Mirrors collective, created by Alice Leverton, are hosting a design fair at the Dorset to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK.

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Brighton Photomarathon: A day of running around like a mad man

For photographers or artists who generally work on their own this provides a nice change of pace and a challenging little exercise in the creative process. It really challenges you to conceive and execute a concept accurately and, importantly for the purposes of the marathon, quickly.

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