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Never Mind The Baubles at Ink_d Gallery

Every Christmas we find ourselves striving to find that little “bargain buy” or that “gift for that perfect person” in large retail shops. The constant buying and bulk-buying of unnecessary items made all over the world is undoubtedly negatively effecting the environment, the human lives of those making it and the lives of those consuming.

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Hattie Stewart @ No Walls Gallery: Pattern, Shape, Fluidity, Versions

This is not the first time I have seen the London-based illustrator Hattie Stewart. I was lucky enough to view her exhibition last year which was a series of pieces that bastardised the front of magazines. It was beautifully executed and displayed some great satire that was both insightful and entertaining.

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Lady Aiko at Ink_d Gallery

The past week in Brighton has had a distinctly oriental flavour to the town, the Costume Games organised by Moshi Moshi, the Japanese beating South Africa with a last gasp try and Lady Aiko’s residency at Ink_d Gallery.

The last one is (obviously) the most topical for this blog, but one that has had a significant impact in the city as a whole, from the exhibition itself to her mural in The Lanes.

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Anatomy for Life @ Jubilee Library

Until the industrial revolution it was an honour for people to be known as a “renaissance man” – that is someone who is a scientist, artist and author. Leonardo Da Vinci was one, the other that springs to mind is the romantic works of William Blake who created art, poetry, also fascinated by nature and science.

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Glitter Box at Oxford Street Studios

Sometimes in Brighton we have a tendency to be attracted to the alternative. Whether this be alternative lifestyle choices, fashions or a perceived rejection of convention. Sometimes though, it takes an outsider to embrace the very consumerist culture we live in to better realise its ridiculousness and ridicule the very thing a lot of us try so hard to reject.

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Distant Animals: I don’t know where we are going but it sure sounds nice @ Gallery 40

“In years to come when I win the Turner prize you’re going to regret not walking in.”

Like a good headline; whether arrogance or tongue in cheek, a statement as brash as this on the sign outside any exhibition needs to be explored. Very quickly you realise the statement is intended as an irony - but perhaps with an element of truth - and sets the tone for the playful exhibition created by Distant Animals, the brainchild of artist Daniel Alexander Hignell.

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Ryan Callanan: Life’s a Gamble

Often we are told that something has to have some great big deep meaning with 177 different techniques, and a concept that will contend with the meaning of life and transport your mind to a brand new level simply by being in its presence. Warhol changed all this with the advent of “pop-art”, literally meaning popular art. It became OK to create work that is simple to understand and appeals to people for its simple message.

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