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Distant Animals: I don’t know where we are going but it sure sounds nice @ Gallery 40

“In years to come when I win the Turner prize you’re going to regret not walking in.”

Like a good headline; whether arrogance or tongue in cheek, a statement as brash as this on the sign outside any exhibition needs to be explored. Very quickly you realise the statement is intended as an irony - but perhaps with an element of truth - and sets the tone for the playful exhibition created by Distant Animals, the brainchild of artist Daniel Alexander Hignell.

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Mark Charlton - The B-12 Module

The name “B-12 Module” is a response to a “vague memory of a written concept in a 1950’s Science Fiction short story about an Expedition to Pluto”; whose theme of deep space exploration is beautifully captured by Mark Charlton’s first solo exhibition. From his apparent dislike of sharp edges on his paintings to the screen printing throughout his pieces, Charlton explores this theme with a freedom found in new artists.

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